Dermatochalasis is classified as loose and redundant eyelid skin. This is a common finding associated with aging seen in middle-aged and elderly people. Often more dramatically seen in the upper eyelids, dermatochalasis can effect lower eyelids, as well. It is commonly associated with orbital fat herniation known as steatoblepharon and drooping of the eyelids known as blepharoptosis. Functional disability by dermatochalasis is documented by external photography and visual field testing with and without eyelid elevation.

Dermatochalasis can be a functional or cosmetic problem for the patient. When functional, dermatochalasis frequently obstructs the superior visual field. In addition, patients may note ocular irritation, entropion of the upper eyelid, ectropion of the lower eyelid, blepharitis, and dermatitis. When cosmetic, patients note a fullness or heaviness of the upper eyelids, “bags” in the lower eyelids, and wrinkles in the lower eyelids and the lateral canthus.